exPLAINers of the Week June 25 – July 1

Photo by David Becker on Unsplash
By Perfectly Plain Staff

We scour the depths of the media to bring you, our dear readers, what the best explainer pieces are each week. This week we have stopped on two pieces that delve into interesting events and actions, and bring them to us in a simple to understand and fascinatingly interesting way.

Mitch McConnell’s politics of shamelessness have won

By Matthew Yglesias in Vox

Mitch Mcconnell doesn’t care if you think he’s a “hypocrite”, he doesn’t care about being considered “high-minded” or being held in high regard by “high-minded” people. He wants to be thought of as an “effective party politician”. Matthew Yglesias discusses how Mcconnell can claim victory for his controversial decision to block former President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination, and not lose sleep over giving a vote to the upcoming nomination before the midterm elections. It’s because Mcconnell doesn’t care about the things listed above as other politicians do. Yglesias has also authored, Donald Trump’s cruel immigration politics is a scam, where he explains that the president’s immigration policy is based on lies. This explainer was interesting because it explained that Mcconnell character traits, whether we like it or not, has made him the “most effective politician of his time.” It makes you wonder whether politicians are going to follow the Senate majority leaders lead now that his tactics appear to be successful.

To read full exPlainer, click here.

Pawan Naidu

9 questions about the 2018 World Cup you were too embarrassed to ask

By Alex Ward in Vox

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup in the round of 16 stage, there might be questions that people not familiar with soccer want to ask. The best teams and players in the world have gathered in Russia to compete and pick the world champion. Before the 2014 World Cup started, which featured the USA, it was surprising that 87 percent of Americans knew little to nothing about the most popular sport in the world and around 67 percent didn’t even plan to watch it. Alex Ward, Vox’s staff writer covering international security and defense issues, decided to fix this and explain some of the most vital questions of the World Cup. Ward’s explainer was fascinating as it provides the knowledge necessary to enjoy the rest of the biggest tournament of the year, which ends with the final on July 15.

To read full exPlainer, click here.

Teodor Teofilov

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