The Ten Best Cities in The US

Photo by Dean Deaner at Unsplash
By Pawan Naidu

The United States is a great country, with people, places and employment opportunities in every city that make it a great place to live. However, not every city is the same. There are some cities that provide financial and lifestyle benefits that others simply don’t.

One factor that goes into whether a city is in the upper echelon to live is employment opportunities. People want to have well-paying jobs available and work is one of the biggest driving forces in deciding where to live. There are other factors such as the safety of the city and the overall happiness of the residents. Based on these metrics, let’s take a look at the 10 best cities to live in the U.S.

Editor’s Note: Perfectly Plain took rankings from Indeed, Safewiseand Wallethub. For each ranking in a category, the city was assigned a numerical value between 1-10 and scores were added up. The results of the ranking are listed lowest (10) to highest (1). Using this metric numbers 10 and nine on this list resulted in a tie. To break the tie, we measured the median income of its residents and the highest was ranked ninth.

10.Miami, FL


Photo by Gaetano Cessati at Unsplash

Miami is one the liveliest cities in the country and is known for its nightlife. It also has some of the most well-known beaches in the U.S.

The thing Miami should be the proudest of right now, is it’s employment opportunities. Miami is eighth in the nation for people looking for jobs. They just have to remember not to party too hard after work on weekdays.

The safety of the city isn’t horrible, but it is nothing to write home about as Miami is ranked 38th out of 50. Being ranked outside the top 25 means people need to be aware of their safety if they decide to move here.

Beaches, parties, and swimsuits. What’s not to love? Apparently, quite a bit, because Miami is ranked 126th for happiness so be prepared to be potentially dissatisfied with your move to South Beach.

(Medium Income: $34,901)

9.Washington D.C.


Photo by Jacob Creswick at Unsplash

Washington D.C. is the heart of national politics and a hub for recent college grads. The city is on the east coast and has the advantage of being a coastal city. Coastal cities like DC tend to have ports, and those ports drive up the economy.

D.C. really shines when it comes to the happiness of its residents. The city is 73rd out of 181 cities when it comes to how content the people are. That’s quite a feat seemingly how stressed politicians and journalist seem to be in D.C.

Washington D.C. is also above average when incomes to employment opportunities. It is ranked 10th out of the 25 best cities for job seekers. So there are plenty of employment opportunities  for people that might want to relocate here

Things are not all rosy in the nation’s capital though. A lot of people from D.C move to Virginia because D.C. isn’t the safest city. It was ranked 41st out of 50 of the safest metropolitan cities in the country.

(Medium Income: $75,506/annual)

8.Seattle, WA


Photo by Timothy Eberly at Unsplash

Let’s take our first trip out west, and visit the home of Microsoft and automated cars. Seattle might not have as much sunshine as other cities but it is home to a growing job market and technological innovation.

What Seattle has going for it is that its residents are pretty content with their lives. The city ranks 34th out of 181 cities in the happiness category. I guess people don’t really mind the gloomy weather.

Seattle also ranks ninth out of the top 25 cities with the best employment opportunities. With the city taking the national lead in the development of automated vehicles, there are going to be plenty of new opportunities now and in the future, especially in the tech industry.

Now Seattle has one problem and it might be a big one. The rainy city is 48th out of the 50 safest metropolitan cities in the country. So people have to be aware of the potential dangers of moving to Seattle.

7.Sacramento, CA


Photo by JD Weiher at Unsplash

California makes its first appearance on this list with its capital city. Los Angeles and San Francisco might be better known but Sacramento is in the heart of the state and has a thriving city of its own.

One thing that can be highlighted in Sacramento is that the city is one of the safest in the U.S. It is ranked 21st out of 50, so people might look to move here if they are hoping to start a family one day.

Sacramento is also ranked seventh among the top 10 for employment opportunities. Sacramento is considerably smaller than all the other cities on this list, so that is quite an accomplishment.

Similar to other cities, not everything is great about Sacramento. The city ranks 114th out of 181  on the happiness scale. Being happy is important and that is going to be a huge point of consideration if people decide to move to Sacramento.

6.Los Angeles, CA


Photo by Shea Rouda at Unsplash

Let’s keep this California party going with bringing Los Angeles into the mix. LA is the second largest city in the country, with tons of entertainment jobs, and it has a lot to offer for people looking for a new place to call home.

The City of Angels doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to safety, but recent advances in fighting crime are changing that perception. The city is ranked a staggering ninth out of the top 50 safest metropolitan cities in the country.

Police have become increasingly effective in addressing the drug problem and reducing gang-related activity, which seems to have contributed to lower crime rates.

Unlike Miami, people seem to be pretty happy with the beaches and stars all over the city. It is ranked 75th out of 181 of the happiest cities in the country. It could’ve been higher, but I’m sure it was knocked down about 20 slots because of the infamous LA traffic.

LA also seems to boast a pretty good economy. The city is ranked fifth in the top 25 cities for people looking for employment. There are plenty of jobs ranging from the entertainment industry to the service industry.

5.Minneapolis, MN


Photo by Gregory Hayes at Unsplash

We’ve been talking too much about coastal cities, let’s give some love to the middle of the country. Minneapolis might not have the year-long sunshine of LA or Miami, but there is something about white winters, and people from cold weather cities believe it builds character.

It might just be the midwestern charm but people in Minneapolis are pretty happy. The city is ranked 31st out of 181 cities where people say they are the happiest. I guess Elsa was right, “the cold never bother ‘Minnesotans’ anyway.”

Minneapolis has a growing economy, which is providing tremendous employment opportunities. The city is ranked sixth and similar to Sacramento, this is impressive because Minneapolis is competing with much larger economies.

It might be a nice Midwestern city but that doesn’t mean it is immune to the dangers that fill other cities. Minneapolis is ranked 36th out of the top 50 safest metropolitan cities.

4.San Francisco, CA


Photo by Joseph Barrientos at Unsplash

And here we are again, back to California. The city by the bay, as San Francisco is known as, has a lot going for it, and it’s one the best options if you’re looking to relocate. San Francisco is known for being one the smallest big cities in the world and you can’t really beat the seaside view.

Even though it is a very small city, 870,887, there are plenty of employment opportunities. San Francisco ranks second among the top 25 cities for finding a job, including a lot of jobs in the tech industry.

Even though the housing and rent prices in San Francisco give some people heart attacks, the city is home to some of the happiest people in the country. The city by the bay is ranked the 13th happiest city in the U.S.

San Francisco has a real problem that it needs to address though and that is crime. The city is not even ranked on the top 50 safest metropolitan cities in the country. This could be a huge issue for people, especially if they’re looking to start a family.

3.Boston, MA


Photo by Qusai Akoud at Unsplash

Let’s take a trip northeast and visit the city with the most college graduates, with 58 percent college-educated millennials among the total millennial population. Boston is one of the most iconic cities in the country since colonial time and it has a lot to offer both financially and socially.

With all these college graduates, you are going to need jobs so they could put their degree to good use. Boston is ranked fourth out of the top 25 cities for employment opportunities.

People can also rest easy at night because Boston is one of the top ten safest metropolitan cities in the country. The city of the famous tea party is ranked the 10th, which means it is a good place to start a family.

Boston is ranked pretty well when it comes to people’s happiness, but it’s not the in the upper tier. Bostonians are the 63rd happiest people in the U.S., so I guess the cold does bother some people in the northeast.

2.San Diego, CA


Photo by Lucas Davies and Unsplash

You can’t get more Southern California than San Diego, and the city is thriving and keeping up with other major cities in the state. It is known for its ports and the large military presence.

All that military personnel really pays dividends because San Diego is ranked fourth of the safest metropolitan cities. It is one of our top five safest metro cities, an accolade earned by focusing on creating safe neighborhoods and increasing community involvement.

San Diego is also keeping up and thriving when it comes to employment opportunities. The city is ranked fourth out of the top 25 cities for people looking for a job. This is especially good news for all the military veterans looking for jobs in the city.

There really aren’t many negative things to say about the city because the people seem to be pretty happy. San Diego is ranked the 32nd happiest city in the country so one of the most southwest cities in the country might be worth establishing roots in.

1. San Jose, CA


Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

There you have it, ladies and gentleman, the number one city to live in is in the heart of Silicon Valley. San Jose has tremendous job opportunities because of the tech industry and you really can’t beat the weather.

As mentioned previously, San Jose has plenty of job opportunities, specifically in the tech industry. San Jose is ranked first in employment opportunities, which says a lot about the investment in jobs in the technology field in recent years.

Whether it’s the job opportunities, the beautiful weather or living by the coast, San Joseans are really happy. The city is ranked the third happiest city to live in, so people are playing hard as well as working hard.

Finally, people in San Jose can sleep well at night because it’s one of the top six safest metropolitan cities in the country. San Jose ranks sixth in safety and along with everything else this might be the place to move to, not only for yourself but if you’re looking to start a family.

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  1. Tat Hui

    SF isn’t a very small city. It is just small when it comes to the global city standard. In fact, in terms of the city itself population, it is bigger than 6 of the cities on this list.


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