exPLAINer of the Week Sept 3-9

Picks by the Perfectly Plain Staff

We scour the depths of the media to bring you, our dear readers, what the best explainer pieces are each week. This week we have stopped on two great pieces. The first is Kara Voght’s look into the different schedules between work and school. The second is Tara Isabella Burton’s insight into the growing religion of CrossFit. Both do a great job and their works are worth a read.

Why Does the School Day End Two Hours Before the Workday?

By Kara Voght in The Atlantic

I’m sure every parent that has a child in elementary-school has at one point or another found themselves having scheduling conflicts and unable to pick up their child, or has had to take time off of work to do so. Both parents work in half of married-couple families, and 70 percent of them work from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., a reality that leaves most families to contend with at least a two-hour gap between when school ends and when the workday ends.

This mismatch between school and workday, a relic of a bygone era and outdated family norms, has left parents and school districts scrambling to find a solution.

Kara Voght is a writer based in Washington, D.C. Her work has appeared in Mother Jones, Nieman Storyboard, and Politico. Her look into the reasons behind the different end day for children in school and parents at work is a fabulous piece that shows us what the current state is, what is being done and what could be done.

To read full exPLAINer, click here.

Teodor Teofilov

“CrossFit is my church”

By Tara Isabella Burton at Vox

One-fifth of Americans and one-third of adults under 30 describe themselves as religiously unaffiliated. Yet, Tara Isabella Burton interviews Casper ter Kuile, and they said that religiously unaffiliated people are still looking for religious activities. And, there are a lot of people turning to CrossFit.

Burton is a religion and staff writer for Vox. She has also written Ex-Vatican official accuses Pope Francis of covering up McCarrick’s sex abuse, where she explains how somehow in the Catholic is accusing Pope Francis of covering up sex abuse. Kuile is a researcher at Harvard Divinity School who focuses on religious identity in a secular age; this group is overwhelmingly young, progressive, and spiritually open.

This explainer was an interesting read because people (especially younger) are looking for ways to substitute what religion brings to their job. Crossfit is gaining traction in fulfilling people, who are looking for something to fill the hole religion would give people.

To read the full exPLAINer, click here

Pawan Naidu

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